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About Us

The family behind Boutique Brands

Like many other businesses, we built our first online store when we started our parenting journey. We wanted to help other parents find the great products that we had found so useful in those first few months. Just after the arrival of our second child, we purchased Boutique Brands, the distribution business that was one of our main suppliers.

When we purchased Boutique Brands in 2014, we had quite a few international brands that we were the exclusive distributor for in Australia and New Zealand. As we got to know the business, we realised that in order to really do the brands justice, and get the best possible sell-through across our region for each brand, we needed to reduce the number of brands we distributed, for a season. So we narrowed the range down and focused on Babiators, worked hard at marketing the brand to truly make them Australia's favourite baby and kid's sunglasses.

Our intention was to create the ideal process for one brand so that we could then duplicate the process and launch other brands sucessfully and sustainably in the Australian and New Zealand marketplace.


Our Success with Distributing International brands

In building brand positioning for Babiators we have:

  • built a network of retailers throughout Australia and New Zealand, and
  • worked closely with retailers 
  • run extensive advertising to promote the brand
  • created @babiatorsaus social media profiles with culturally specific content to reach and engage Aus/NZ audiences
  • run regular campaigns and promotions through retailers and direct to consumer

We have maintained a dual focus on advertising and wholesale recruitment and support. Our strong focus on brand awareness and marketing has seen Babiators go from strength to strength in the AUS/NZ region. So much so that all our resources were directed at maintaining the rapid growth of Babiators.

In 2020, we had the chance to put our distribution process to the test by launching The Brushies, the world's first finger-puppet baby toothbrush, into the AUS/NZ market. Strong advertising and brand positioning saw sales jump immediately. Brand awareness has seen significant interest from new and existing stockists, and we are looking forward to launching The Brushies on the wholesale market in the coming months.


Partnerships are our strength

We enjoy partnering with our international brands, Australian brands and retailers. Everything we do is based on working together so that everyone grows and everyone benefits. We value close and effective relationships with all our partners.


Our growth and capacity

From very humble beginnings, working out of a single garage while juggling small children and work responsibilities, we have grown to employ over 15 staff at peak times and moved to larger premises.


Are you our next partner in success?

If you are interested in connecting with us for:

  • Distribution of your products into Australia and New Zealand
  • Access to our wholesale brands to stock in your retail store;

we would love to hear from you.

Can’t wait to connect with you, and hear how Boutique Brands can work with you to see you achieve your business goals.

Warmest regards,

Kristy and John Rigby